Sunday, August 21, 2011

McCall....oh baby oh baby

McCall was tons of fun this year. We sadly missed the Goldies and our grandparents but we tried to make due. As per tradition there were a LOT of crafts which included mocassin making, pom pom frames, painting frames, modge podge rocks, necklace making, love mugs, PVC pipe flutes, knitting, and of course boon dogle and friendship bracelet making. We watched three movies out on the outdoor movie, ate lots of ice cream, slept in our cute new pj's thank you to Becky, ate pizza from a new place we found in town, and got to know and love Matthew's girlfriend MaryBeth. The boys played a lot of lacrosse and all the usual water activities like tubing, skiing, paddle boards, jet skiis, wakeboarding, etc. It was a fun packed week and we were all very sad to leave. Can't wait for next year. Start thinking of new fun crafts because it's never too early.

Just looked up the word adorable in the dictionary and this is the picture that showed up as the definition.

Everybody got up skiing including Liza and Camille. It was verrrrry exciting!

Family photo with MB included. Fun fun.

The high pony became Buzz's signature hair-do and it's easy to see why because she looks so cute!

Though their high schools are rivals, Jayne and Rin have realized that being a wildcat or brave is nothing compared to being a Price. Inspiring.

On our way to ice cream alley with our two dollar bills in hand and moccasins on our feet. Thank you grandma and grandpa for the ice cream money!!

These McCall shower pictures never get old.

For one of the crafts we each picked another person's name in the family and then we painted a frame for that person. It was fun to see how everybody decorated each other's frames.

Hank (aka Franklin D to Gary) caught these fish with the help of our man Gary. Hank apparently has quite the gift for catching fish and some people ate them at breakfast and said they were really quite tasty.

This was a crazy trio. These three (especially MaryBeth were out of control tubers going fast and jumping from tube to tube)

Doing crafts.

The big and the....getting big

This year we had a new tube and we had tube wars. It was seriously so much fun!

Sunny worked so hard on her moccasins. While everybody else complained Sunny just worked in the corner weaving through her green thread pretty much all by herself. Her moccasins turned out so cute because she put some beads on the tassles at the end to top it off.

Paddle boats this year were used more as a means of wrestling and pushing each other off then actually paddling anywhere. Bryan probably got pushed off by Matthew right after this picture was taken.

Proof of the paddle boat wars. Jayne pushed Boon and he received this battle wound.

Nobody was more in love with Liza than Hank. He followed her everywhere and they played together for HOURS.

The three boys sporting off the cool new tube. You can't fall off this tube as easily but you get sprayed a lot more with water. Let's just say that the moms were confident enough in the stability of this tube they took a ride. There was a lot of screaming.

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