Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Naomi Hazel Brice Turns Five!!!

John and I surprised Naomi with a visit to Cincinnati on her birthday. She reacted just as we had hoped, with lots of screaming and excitement. Sage also reacted exactly as predicted, by hiding behind Matt's legs for the first hour we were there. She eventually warmed up and really loved playing with us.

Now that Naomi has moved on to "Lightly Row," Sage has picked up the piano action and has learned exactly two notes of "Twinkle." Prodigy? Maybe.

Naomi playing her first two handed piece, "Lightly Row," where both hands are playing different notes and rhythms. Matt is helping Naomi not look at her hands when she plays. Look at her great form.

I love this mother/daughter photo. I love Annie!

This is Naomi's best friend, Skyler. They are in the same kindergarten class.

This was the world's sturdiest piƱata. I think each child got 2-3 hits before someone finally made a crack. Then Matt took pity on all the kids by tearing it open and shaking it around.

The climbing toy in their backyard was a *huge* hit during the party. The girls are out there all the time.

The pre-party bouncy toy testers.

If one cake is good, two cakes is better.

Some of the 23 kids who were at the party, patiently waiting for their piece of the scary white Halloween cat birthday cake.

After church we went to visit Annie at the hospital. Cutest Doctor at Cincinnati Children's Hospital!

Annie is so important she wears FOUR beepers!

Sage doing what Sage does best--running around being cute.

This was a great visit and we can't wait to go back soon! xoxo


  1. Good to see Sarah still comments on every post. I love that Annie has four beepers. Thats hilarious.