Monday, October 8, 2012

thank goodness for iPhones

Below are some pictures I have both taken myself and received from other family members on the other side of the country. I love picture messages. I think they are great especially when I'm not somewhere I feel like I'm part of what's going on a little bit more. I love that our family has sort of gotten into just sending pictures to each other occasionally. Thank goodness for technology. I just thought I would add a hodgepodge of pictures I've gotten lately. Keep the pictures coming people. I love them and I love you all!!!!

 What a cute couple. Maybe this will be Mom's new workplace soon eh?

ADORABLE pic stitch by Camille at the cousin pumpkin carving palooza during conference weekend. 

My class. I am totally fitting in. 

 Our home boy Ethan finished up his amazing first year of cross country! He was amazing. Fastest JV runner I believe. He probably was so fast because he was lighter without his braces on anymore. Cute and athletic....not a bad combo.

 Who would think Annie was about to have a baby? She looks amazing.

Pit stop in Cincinnati to see these little gems of children.

We love each other.

Nothing better than Saturday morning lacrosse with the cousins. WE HAVE THE COOLEST COUSINS IN THE WORLD!

More cousin loving.

We even met up with Bogdan Banu for about 20 minutes to see how he's doing and everything. so great.

Mom looking like a million bucks at the governor's gala. Love that jacket!!

Girls night during priesthood. Can't even tell you how much this made my day when I got this picture. SO CUTE

I went to the Virginia State Fair and this pumpkin was 452 pounds! Pretty impressive but then I learned that some guy in Utah grew a 1,500 pound pumpkin and this one seemed a little less cool but still very impressive

Precious pig quilt at the fair. Somebody should really make one like this. Its snout is to die for

Sage. Cute....need I say more?

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  1. What would we do without Yiu, Sarah? Thanks for posting all of these. You are so good at keeping us all together. Love you!!