Sunday, September 23, 2012

weekend with my peeps

This weekend was the BEST weekend in DC yet because I handsome of my two favorite people in the world as visitors!! Cecilee and Beata came out to DC and they let myself and their other cousin Molly join in some of their festivities. I loved every minute of our jam-packed weekend. Some of the things we did included:
  • Take a night bike tour of all the monuments (Cec's knee was giving her problems so she was able to hire a peddi-cab driver to take her around the whole time. It was a total success and she became great friends with her driver.) We saw the Lincoln, Vietnam, Jefferson, Martin Luther King Jr. FDR, World War II, and the Washington Memorials and learned a ton of cool stuff about them.
  • Went to Mt. Vernon seeing his house and grounds as well as a fair of things used to do back in the day like tin making, wig making, etc.
  • Got dinner at Johnny Rocket's in Georgetown
  • Ate at the most DELICIOUS ice cream shop in Georgetown
  • Went to the National Cathedral. We loved looking at all the different stories in the stained glass windows and we even saw the Darth Vader gargoyle on the outside. 
  • Went on a walking tour about Lincoln's assassination and learned a ton from our very dramatic tour guide. Cec told us the tour was going to be 45 minutes but it ended up being 2 hours and 15 minutes. Haha 
  • Saw the Iwo Shima Monument
  • Drove by the Arlington Cemetery
  • Went to a free concert at the Kennedy Center
  • Enjoyed each other greatly
Overall it was a great weekend. Cec and Bea were able to do even more things you will have to ask them about. So fun! There is an open invite to any or all of you who would like to be the next visitors here in DC. Seriously though....

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