Friday, September 14, 2012

DC baby baby

As many of you know, I have moved my roots from good ol Provo to the capital of this great nation aka Washington DC. I have already learned a ton and I'm really liking it! I thought I would put a few pictures up of my experience thus far. Enjoy! 

 When I first arrived at my hotel-like apartment (we have a concierge and I totally felt like Eloise) there wasn't any bedding so I had to walk over to Macey's and buy this pillow and flower bedspread. It's definitely not up to our family quilting standard but it works.

My brilliant way to keep track of my keys.

Our first day in DC! We went to the Library of Congress and got fingerprinted. Good day.

I convinced my roommates to go down into Georgetown one night and we got some cupcakes which apparently are really famous here. Plus they were free because it was 'Fashion Night Out' (hence our super cute outfits haha) which was an added bonus.

These are all the student teachers. We've got a high school math teacher, 4th grade teacher, 4th grader teacher, 3rd grade teacher, art teacher, and junior high social studies teacher. (In that order) The one in the white shirt and the two on the right are also my roommates. It's fun because four of us go to the same school so we can travel on the metro and the bus together. The bus is a very cultural experience but it's all good.

 First day of school at Miner Elementary. 

My roommate Anna and I went downtown and checked out all the memorials last Saturday afternoon. It was extremely hot and humid but super cool to see everything. I think my favorites were the World War II and the Lincoln Memorial.

All in all, it's been crazy but good. I'm already learning a lot and even though my little kids can be serious pills occasionally I really love them. They are cute, sassy, usually want to learn, can get down like no white kids I've ever seen, and are really precious. I love them and I love you all too! 

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  1. So happy you're getting this blog up and going again! I love seeing the photos of your great adventures in DC.