Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Busy days in Bountiful

So, Bountiful High Homecoming was this last week and guess who the most beautiful girl there was? If you guessed Rin you were right! Rin was gorgeous in a vintage dress from college-era Cecilee. Just shows some things are better the second time around! A big wow for Rin!!!!

Boon is in his first year playing football for the Bountiful Braves 8th grade team. He is kept busy playing every down in both offense and defense. Boon is tough, tenacious, and smart! Anyone see a future cougar in there somewhere?

Boon had quite a cheering section at his game. We all loved watching him. You can really tell he loves every minute of playing football. Go Boon!!!

And by popular demand we bring you another picture of Rin and her homecoming date who was 6'7".  Sooooo cute, Poppy!

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