Monday, April 25, 2011

Elections and Epic Parties

Following our Spring Break, Bryan headed to Utah for a week for his Spring Break. It was so much fun. He went to Idaho with Gary for a few days and they worked on building a chicken coop at the Johnson's. He went to track practice with Ethan a few days and met all of Ethan's new friends from Millcreek. This got the boys going and before we knew it they had planed an EPIC party. This is how the phone invites went, "Hi, this is Ethan/Bryan, we are having an EPIC party at our house at 7 - come." It must have worked because we had about 35 7th graders running around having a good time. There was food, games, wii, minute-to-win-it, badminton, basketball, rugby, etc... There are great kids this age and they have a lot of fun together.

Bryan was also here for the finishing touches on Ethan's election. This brings us to our next highlight. Ethan is a new 8th grade officer at Millcreek Jr. High. It will be a really fun year for him for sure. His election theme was "Get in the Game" and we're posting pictures of his t-shirts and one of his posters. Hooray for Ethan.


  1. So fun--love seeing these pictures of Ethan's election. Hooray for his victory. Thanks for posting!

  2. cutest poster ever!! oh and E doesn't look too shabby either:)