Monday, April 25, 2011

Math, the Math Graduate

We had a great two days celebrating Matthew's graduation from BYU. We are so proud of Matthew and all he has accomplished the past four years. He has worked really hard in a very difficult major and we think he's awesome!!! Before the University Commencement we went to the Carl Bloch exhibit at the BYU Museum of Art and then had a hot dog at JDawgs (awesome!). Matthew was excited to participate in all the events, even the Math Department mingle after the College ceremony the second day. That event was a success because we got to see the math lab where Matthew has spent a lot of time and also they served BYU mint brownies. We went to dinner at Tucano's (Matthew's favorite restaurant) with Grandma Pat, Grandpa LaVell, and Grandpa Al. It was delicious, but we really missed Jayne, who was in musical theatre rehearsal, and Grandma Barbara, who was in London. Here's a little recap. xo

A cold and blustery day (with no Piglet sightings) at the Marriott Center.

Three great men.

Matthew spotting.....between K and L, about 10 rows down the K portal and about 6 seats in. Cute, right?

Notice the Y on the adorable are these two?

Matthew and some friends who also graduated. Noticeably absent were Brady and Jane Heaps, who also graduated.

Post graduation dinner at Tucanos. They had all the BYU graduates stand up and the waiters sang to them. Matthew loved the song.

Notice the blue and gray striped sweater behind Grandpa and Sarah -- that is The Jimmer!!! We got to meet him, but no big deal, he already knew Sarah by name.
Sarah adding to the beauty of nighttime at Riverwoods....festive!

A family proud of their graduate.

Dylan (Family Life) and Matthew (Mathematics) are the two BYU Edwards family graduates this April. Hooray for the two cousins! Dylan is headed to Eastern Carolina for a M.S. in Family Counseling and Matthew will be starting the M.P.A. program at BYU in August.

The happy look of someone who will never have to take another Analytical Number Theory class.

Admiring family members in the College of Mathematical and Physical Science graduation ceremony in the Ballroom of the WILK.

That's what we are all wondering.....ha ha. Coaching anyone? Add it to the list.

A little sass after the ceremony.

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  1. cute post! it was fun to see math in his element with his math homies and to spend some time together. woo hoo for byu